Our Process

Our construction process combines a customer-centric approach with comprehensive construction and management expertise, innovative problem solving, continuous communication, advance scheduling and a safety first attitude.

Step 1: Phone or Onsite Consultation

  • Meet with an owner
  • Bring all your creative ideas – describe your “vision” to us
  • Together we evaluate your project goals, time frame and budget
  • Determine what makes sense

Step 2: Design Development

  • Discuss options to achieve your project goals
  • We assist you with selection of components to balance wants with budget
  • Prepare a basic, full size, hand drawn floor plan
  • Review and verify conceptual plan for purposes of pricing

Step 3: Project Estimate

  • Develop complete scope of work, detailed pricing and the building agreement with estimated completion date.
  • Discuss items included, and available options
  • Discuss budget goals and real costs
  • Get final approval

Step 4: Drawings and Required Plans

  • Once the contract is approved, we begin the blueprint process
  • Engineered construction plans are completed
  • Plans are submitted to the municipality for permits

Step 5: Start Construction

  • All the hard work and many decisions have been completed
  • Now the fun begins!
  • You will be assigned a project coordinator to oversee the day-to-day activities of your project until final walk through

Step 6: Quality Inspection

  • Our quality control process is managed independently from our building staff
  • An inspector who was not part of the building team will inspect your project several times prior to completion. This provides a ‘fresh set of eyes’ and a more thorough, unbiased inspection
  • The inspector will make a list of items that need attention prior to completion
  • Items will be completed and project ready for final inspection

Step 6: Final Inspection

  • Final inspection by municipality and project sign off as complete


Bring your plans to us and we will sit down with you, review them and provide feedback and/or a cost estimate. There is no obligation, ever.

Start Building